How Well Do You Know Your Tires?

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One of the main responsibilities of a driver is to understand when to change the tires on your Ford F-150, and to know the important factors in tire safety, our team is your go-to resource. We carry the stock of tires that are made to fit into your Mustang or Explorer, and we know which is the best match for the style of driving you do.

It doesn't matter if you travel a lot or rarely leave town -- having the best tires on your vehicle is the first step towards safe driving. How can you tell if you need to address your tires?

Understanding Tire Safety

You know that tires help you to stop, drive safely in the rain, and that having a flat is no fun, but what else do you know about them? Here are a few important tips for ensuring your vehicle has the right kind of tires, and that those parts are performing at their best.

  • Knowing your size is important. The letters and numbers on the sidewall of your tires tell you what the right measurements and style are right for your Escape.
  • If you notice any bulging, uneven tread wear, or if the tread is separating from the tire, these are indicators that you need to replace them as soon as you can.
  • Tires should be rotated with every oil change to ensure they're wearing evenly.
  • If the tires fail the penny test, you need new tires. Insert a penny, head down, and if the tread doesn't touch the top of Abe's head, you have a problem.
  • Understanding how to inflate your tires is also important, and the specifications are located on a placard on the inside of your driver's side door. Over- or under-inflating is never good, and if your tires lose air at an unusual rate, that's a sign of an issue.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your tires, contact our team immediately, and we'll take a look. You can visit or contact us to order tires for your Ford Expedition, and we'll let you know when we can get them onto your vehicle, so you can continue to drive safely.

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