A 2019 Ford Focus May Be What the Doctor Ordered

For those who have been watching the automotive news lately, the 2019 Ford Focus isn't a surprise. Many of our customers have already been asking when this new model will become available, and sadly, that won't be for some time. Still, it pays to get to know what this new Ford model has to offer, inside and out. For starters, the 2019 Focus will offer a four-door sedan, five-door wagon, and five-door hatchback body style option.

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Get into Your Next Ford Car, Truck, or SUV with Confidence

You know that browsing our inventory of new Ford vehicles will produce a lot of choices -- deciding whether to take home a tough Ford F-150 or an accommodating Explorer is half the battle. The other decision you need to make is what kind of financing to go with. Ford lease? Loan? Who can choose? With our help, you can begin that process by filling out our online financing application.

What this does is put the control into your hands, so you can make a decision about which new Ford vehicle is your best match, and then help you to pick…

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Learn What the F-150 Can Tow

Tow ratings are well and good, but trying to decipher what your boat weighs can be tough, especially if you plan to use your Ford F-150 to take it along for fun. If you drive an F-150 4x4, you know you get a powerful ride that also impresses aesthetically, but can it tow the things you need it to? Here are a few things you can take with you when you drive a 4x4 F-150.

Key West is known for what it has to offer, and with our help, you and your Ford F-150 can take in all that there…
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Ford C-Max Offers Advanced Technology

Imagine yourself driving a compact hybrid that offers 42 mpg city and still delivers the power of its nonhybrid competitors. You don’t have to imagine it anymore with the new Ford C-Max. Let’s check out what this new eco-friendly vehicle has to offer.

The new Ford C-Max uses a 2.0L iVCT Atkinson-Cycle I-4 Engine and state-of-the-art performance technology to deliver power and gas mileage. Everything is high-tech on this automobile right down to the grill shutters that open and close to keep your engine at the perfect operating temperature. When the sensor detects that less cooling is…

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The Ford F-150 is Designed for General Roads and Wilderness Trails

The Ford F-150 is designed for motorists who need efficient driving options for various terrains. This truck benefits families because it handles well in areas that have general roads with paved surfaces, and the hardware under the hood gives off-road adventures big advantages throughout trips along dusty trails.

If you're going to drive this truck through different neighborhoods, you'll experience enhanced engine performance. This is possible because the main hardware has twin-turbo components with reliable cooling hardware. Since the engine has EcoBoost...

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Does Your Car Battery Need to Be Replaced at Key West Ford?

Car batteries last for about three to five years. If you park your car outside or live in a place with extreme cold, your car battery might not last as long. The battery is essential to all of the car's electrical components at startup, starter and fuel pump.

Battery maintenance such as cleaning the connections could help it to last longer. A good way to ensure that your battery is performing is with a diagnostic test. This test checks the battery's cold cranking amps and voltage.

A check of the battery and its connections only takes a few…

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The Danger of Too Much Tire Pressure

There is a good reason why tire manufacturers tell you how much air to put in them. If a tire has too much air in it, there may be issues getting traction in wet or slippery conditions. In some cases, an individual may have trouble getting traction in dry conditions as well.

A loss of traction could result in a bumpier ride for both the driver and passengers. Furthermore, when a tire has too much air in it, it will wear around the edges faster than it wears in the middle. Therefore, the tire may only last for 50 percent…

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Welcome to the 2018 Ford EcoSport

One of the things you immediately notice about the 2018 Ford EcoSport is that it is the epitome of style. The EcoSport has partial leather seats, a moonroof, and a driver's seat adjusting six different ways. Indeed, there is a leather steering and an elegant shift knob.

Of course, if this weren't enough, the 2018 EcoSport also has all the technological bells and whistles, including push-button start. Moreover, the car also looks good on the exterior with 17-inch metallic wheels painted in a pleasing dark tarnish. Whether you are out on the town or just headed to work…
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The 2018 Ford Edge is the Right SUV for You

As you are searching for an SUV that you will be proud to drive around, consider the 2018 Ford Edge and all that it can give to you. Stop by our dealership in Key West, and we will help you get to know this great vehicle.

The 2018 Ford Edge offers you a luxurious experience inside the vehicle. If you are trying to find a car that will help you be comfortable and feel great while you are riding in it, then this one is a good pick for you. The 2018 Ford Edge features ambient lighting and a vista…
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The Ford Blind Spot Information System Is a Great Tool For Drivers

One of the more frustrating experiences when driving is the blind spot issue. The blind spot is the area that is located behind and to either side of your vehicle while you are driving. If there is a vehicle there and you decide to change lanes or make a quick turn, you could quickly cause an accident because you were not aware of the presence of that vehicle.

The Ford Blind Spot Information system uses sensors to warn you that there is another vehicle thereby flashing lights on your mirror when it detects that other vehicle. This allows you to…
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