What is Your Car Worth? Find Out Today!

We know the uncertainty of shopping for a new car isn't just about what you can afford – it's also about what you can get for your car on trade-in. This doesn't have to be an unpredictable time, nor do you need to feel knots in your stomach from the irritation of having a dealership argue over pricing. What you want, and what you deserve is to have a team acknowledge your trade-in value and give you what's fair.

We can do that for you.

When you take the time to learn the value of your current model, you can save yourself time and even come prepared with an idea of what you deserve to get back on your investment. Everybody knows that cars lose value over time, but it doesn't have to mean you walk away with pennies for what you paid thousands for. Our secure and reliable service is capable of giving you exactly what your vehicle is worth so you can apply it towards a new or used Ford F-150, Escape, Edge, Explorer, or Mustang.

Visit us today from Marathon FL, Summerland Key, or Big Pine Key and see what we have to offer to you. We're here to discuss financing, set up a test drive, or assist in any other way possible.

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