What's That Sound? What's That Light?

Most Common Service FAQs Answered

Are you car savvy? Do you know your way around an oil filter? Either way, there are always questions, and there's no shame in asking. Who better to ask these questions to than our team of trained technicians? We've answered a few frequently asked service questions so you can make a decision about when to contact us for a car service Key West.

  • Why do I need an oil change? How often do I need one? An oil change acts as a way to remove old oil from your engine. This prevents your engine from seizing or getting harmful debris in the working parts. Overheating may also occur if old oil isn't removed, which we suggest to be done around 6,000 miles or ever six months, whichever is first.
  • How do I know my brakes are due for a replacement? You can tell that your brakes are ready for replacing when they're slow to respond or spongey, make a grinding noise, squealing, or pull the vehicle to one side when braking.
  • How often should my alignment be done? An alignment is done usually each you’re your tires are changed, but there can be tip-offs that something is amiss. When you notice your vehicle drifting to one side of the road, or when stepping on the gas pedal, you may need an alignment.

There are so many more car repair Key West FAQs that we hear, so we encourage you to check them out and get back to us with any questions.

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