Should You Buy New or Used?

We've Got a Selection of Both in Key West

Whether you are shopping our inventory of new Ford models or you want something out of our used inventory, there are a lot of benefits to either option. Which should you buy? That is entirely up to you, but regardless of your pick, you're sure to enjoy the ride.

New vs. Used

  • New cars have never been driven before, but used cars tend to be priced lower
  • New cars can be leased or purchased, and used vehicles have a slow depreciation rate
  • When shopping new, you have one brand to pick from, while used can involve off-brand models as well
  • Both new and used cars are reliable, have minimal wear and tear, and with used, you can even find low mileage options
  • New cars offer the absolute latest technology, but used models can as well, and our inventory often includes models from the current year

There are many reasons why our customers in Key West might opt for a used or new model from our dealership, and with the support of our service team, you can enjoy life in your bargain model for as long as possible. Visit today.

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