Learn What the F-150 Can Tow

Tow ratings are well and good, but trying to decipher what your boat weighs can be tough, especially if you plan to use your Ford F-150 to take it along for fun. If you drive an F-150 4x4, you know you get a powerful ride that also impresses aesthetically, but can it tow the things you need it to? Here are a few things you can take with you when you drive a 4x4 F-150.

  • A travel trailer used to sleep you and your closest friends
  • Your 35-foot trailer will serve to feet and comfort your family on those long road trips
  • If your fold-down camper hasn't been used much this year, we recommend dusting it off and hooking it up to your new F-150
  • Do you need a flat-bed trailer to haul your motorcycle? If so, we can help you arrange that
  • Your water toys can finally accompany you on those fun weekends at your favorite sailing spots, marinas, and water sports locations

Key West is known for what it has to offer, and with our help, you and your Ford F-150 can take in all that there is to see in the area without skipping a beat. Come by our dealership and see for yourself what you can accomplish with a truck like this.

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