Stay on the Road Longer with Routine Maintenance

Whether you're a new car owner or a long-time driver, it is important that your car gets routinely inspected. Your owner’s manual makes it easy to know when your vehicle will need what. Full vehicle checks and services should be done regularly. Superficial inspections of your automobile aren't sufficient enough, since many system components are hidden from view.

In order to ensure 100% proper functionality, it's good to have a trained tech run diagnostics on your vehicle. Not only will having the this done get to the bottom of many vehicle issues and causes but it can also tell you what things might to need be replaced long before you wind up with a damaged major component. This is why our service center is great for you. Here we have all updated equipment and experienced mechanics that can always stand behind the diagnosis and work without fail.

If you're on the hunt for a reliable service appointment in the Florida Keys, feel free to stop in at our dealership to meet with our mechanics. We're located right at 1618 N Roosevelt Blvd when the time is right!

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