How Ford Plans to Use Panda Food to Keep the Keys Above Water

It wouldn't take much to put half of Key West under water. Just a few feet of sea-level rise would do it.

It's a problem driven by climate change, which our Naval Air Station is keenly aware of. The U.S. Navy considers NAS Key West to be one of its highest-risk installations, and anticipates losing most of the base to rising tides by the end of the century.

Changing the future to avert this crisis won't be easy, but Ford is already enacting a few ideas that could help.

The automaker is testing out bamboo as a new vehicle material. By building cars using bamboo instead of plastics, Ford can cut down on its carbon dioxide emissions—a leading cause of climate change.

Bamboo can grow up to three feet per day, and sucks carbon from the air to support its rapid growth. When the bamboo is used in a permanent structure, like a car, the carbon it stores stays out of the atmosphere for a very long time.

Visit Key West Ford, and learn more about how you can make a difference for climate with the cars you choose.

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